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Name:✞ Midii Une ✞

Midii Une--no relation to Lady Une--is a manga-only character from the series Gundam Wing. She appears in Chapter 4 (Trowa's Story) of Episode Zero:

A seemingly lost, innocent orphan of war, Midii is saved by a boy soldier of the same age. They are the only two children amongst the squadron of rebel soldiers, and thus spend a lot of time together in between battles. In time, they grow as close as either of them would be capable.

Their conversations are always cryptic, with more going unspoken between them than is ever said aloud. Midii watches Nanashii closely, and is not afraid to directly question his seeming inability to show emotion of any kind. Yet, she claims to not like him, even after giving him a small cross in gratitude:

(The very same cross later makes a guest appearance during a flashback in Endless Waltz)

Initially, their story has all the elements of a budding childhood romance. Then things turn tragic: Midii is revealed to be a child spy working for the Alliance. The very people they had been rebelling against. Her intelligence is directly responsible for the death of Nanashii's entire surrogate family.

Confronting Midii is the first time he shows emotion, in the form of extreme anger and hurt.

Midii does not back down from his gun, instead claiming that she hates people like him. Someone free from responsibility, free from the ties that come with a name and loved ones. Inwardly, however, she professes her undying love and desire to be with him always. Feelings she would never get the chance to convey.

But he doesn't kill her.

Instead, he shoots the cross and transmitter Midii carried with her, before turning and leaving behind one of the few people in his life to impact him so deeply.


Mary Elle Fanning (born April 9, 1998), credited as Elle Fanning, is an American actress. Elle is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning. She is known for her starring roles in Phoebe in Wonderland, Somewhere, and Super 8.

Elle was chosen as Midii's 10-year-old PB self because...well...look at her:

It doesn't get much more accurate than finding a PB wearing the same outfit as your character.

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